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50 amazing facts to blow your mind

1. A blue whale heart is the size of a VW beetle

2. Ken the orangutan was so smart it escaped 3 times, taught other orangutans to do the same, and would stroll the zoo looking at other animals

3. If you heat the head of a pin to the temperature of the sun, it’d kill anyone in a 1000 metre radius

4. Mike Myers threatened to quit Wayne’s World if it wasn’t Bohemian Rhapsody was used in the iconic scene

5. Melbourne was once called Batmania, named after residence John Batman

6. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65

7. You swallow a litre of snot a day

8. John McAfee says his own McAfee anti-virus is a pile of junk and he deletes it immediately

9. The highest crime in the town of Fucking, Austria is the theft of the sign by tourists

10. Seagulls stand on one leg to get warm

11. Tihar festival in Asia is to celebrate the loyalty and love of dogs

12. 62% of all serial killers in the 20th century have been American

13. A collection of rabbits is called a fluffle

14. The colour and design of a mug can change the flavour of the drink to different people

15. 15% of blockbusters income was from late fees when it was still around

16. Dolphins give each other names and call to them by name

17. The wingspan of the boeing 747 is longer than the wright brothers first flight

18. Tim cook was a match for steve jobs rare blood type and offered part of his liver to save his life, he declined

19. If you track the locations in rocky’s running scene, it would amount to 31 miles before he got to the top of the stairs

20. The entire population of canada is less than the population of florida

21. Camels remember, hold grudges, and will exact revenge when the time is right

22. An owl’s eyes are bigger than its brain

23. Women have more pain receptors than men but can cope with pain better

24. A city in italy was so into throwing parties, they banished cockerels so nobody had to get up early the day after

25. The top 2 fears in the world are clowns and heights

26. This tiny pocket in jeans was to hold a pocket watch

27. Eskimos eat every part of a polar bear except its liver because the amount of vitamin a would kill a human

28. The majority of the food consumed on earth comes from 12 plants and 5 animal species

29. Bananas and humans share 50% of the same dna

30. If you weigh all the humans on earth and all the ants, the ants would weigh more

31. There is an illness that afflicts people with thinking they’re the stars of their very own truman show and nothing is real

32. Italy produces more kiwi fruits than new zealand does

33. Baby elephants can throw tantrums and jump to the floor

34. 95% of all plane crashes are survived by everyone on board

35. Your eye sight capability increase when you’re scared

36. Viking women ruled the household and would kill any man who they married and did not obey them

37. Sweden has mcski windows, like the drive thru but if you’re on ski’s

38. There is a volcano that erupts blue lava

39. Michael jackson’s autopsy revealed he was bald and wore wigs

40. An octopus has 2 legs and 6 arms

41. Rachel Wall was the only American born pirate and last woman hanged in Massachusetts

42. The phrase goodbye stems from the saying god be with you

43. If a kangaroo feels in danger, it will run to the water and try to drown its attacker

44. Axl rose was once 2 hours late for a gig because he was watching the turtles movie

45. If vampire bats don’t get blood for 2 consecutive days, they die

46. You shed around 40 lbs of skin in your entire lifetime

47. The most expensive license plate cost £13m and was the number 1

48. Alan Rickman was released with 1 second left on the countdown, its why his reaction is so real when playing hans gruber

49. The wrinkling of our skin in water is our bodies way of adapting to be able to grasp things easier when wet

50. Youtube has free production areas in LA that you can use if you have over 10,000 subscribers

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